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General facts about homelessness & its cost on the WHOLE community:


The national average yearly cost of one home insecure person is $36,578; Charleston's count of Chronically Homeless persons was 97 in January. This cost the Charleston community upwards of $3,548,066.

  • Since September 2018, TNC has seen more than 728 homeless.

  • By providing efficient gap services and resources provided at the Center could save more than $26.6 million per year.

    • That cost is reduced 49.5% with Supportive Housing alone.

According to the Post and Courier in August of this year, 27% of adults in South Carolina have "stopped taking medications because of cost"

  • With resources provided through TNC GoodRx and Welvista, all clients who received medical care were able to get their prescriptions affordably or at no cost.

MUSC's Telehealth Center at TNC saw over 173 patients since 5/2019.

  • In a survey given to patients after their appointment, over 30% indicated that "if this visit was not available, I would have gone to.." the emergency room.

  • On average in South Carolina (in 2012), a trip to ER cost $2,122 in social services (Medicaid). 30% of 173 patients is 52; 52 x $2,122 average cost= $110,344.

This is just a sample of how the Gap Services provided at TNC could help our homeless population as well as the Charleston Community.